Doubleshock 4 Wireless Controller




-This device is designed with a full version, with touch + audio + external function + double vibration, with integrated 600 Mah lithium battery.
-The device application for the DualShock 4 wireless controller has a built-in speaker and a stereo headphone jack, putting several new audio options in the hands of the player.
-100% new and high quality
-Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad with all functions for PS4
-600 mAh capacity that you can enjoy your game for a long time
-Supports Update and also has two colors – black and White to choose from
Name: Bluetooth  Wireless Gamepad controller for PS4
Material: plastic
* This device is not Original, it is produced in China and it is unbranded, check it before buying it.
* All functions included: Touch function + speakers + headphone jack + for double shock
* This product is only applicable to PS4 game console can not be used on PC or mobile phone